Me and My Project


I am Sven. I am here to attune my voice to be able to bring some voice to those who lack it. The Internet presently offers significant potential to give voice to many people, and I hope to train myself to use the Internet to bring light to overlooked perspectives.

My investigation intends to understand the links between the Diversity Visa and Ethiopian immigrants to the Washington, DC area. I am starting with some simple questions, and building from them. Why do so many Ethiopians live in the DC area? How has the Diversity Visas Program influenced life after immigrating to the United States? What social networks help Ethiopians once they have moved to the DC area? What is important about Washington, DC to Ethiopian immigrants? Now, I am sure there will be questions of voice involved in this project. I am not trying to assume that my interviewees feel that they lack a voice in the Washington, DC area, since I have yet to ask if their feelings on the subject. Instead, whether these people have found voice or not, I am going to offer them the possibility of having their voices heard through this particular website. This will train me for future endeavors of offering voices to the voiceless.

Presently, my proposal is still being designed. This is not due to an inability to imagine the structure of this project independently. Rather, I hope for my interviewees to offer their guidance in building this project, even at the most foundational levels. This is my method for including their voices.
So, the posts on this website under my name will be a combination of my voice and the voices of the people with whom I work. I plan to write in a very open manner with intellectual honesty. By this, I mean that I want to convey the spirit and the nature of the interactions that I am having through my Ethiopian diversity project. I also strive to connect with the readership of this website through advantage of their comments and through my friendly and sometimes humorous writing style.

And, now for a little bit about me, I am a 22 year old senior at American University. My other pursuits have involved working part-time jobs to support myself and helping to run the rugby club at AU as the Vice President, and sometime president. Oh, and I play for the team, too, but a number of head injuries have made my on-field memories patchy at best. (My teammates assure me that I’m really good at the sport, though.) My most regular part-time job is working as a Segway tour guide. As a tour guide, I charm people with my ability to describe the height of the Washington Monument and not get lost in Downtown DC. That’s what I’m like.


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