Sven’s Third Post


My survey has garnered one response. His pseudonym is Debebe, and he’s a 27 year old male. Most excitingly, he came to the US on the Diversity Visa Program. Tezeta is friends with this young man. He’s lived in the US for three years and one year in the DC area.

The reason Debebe moved to the DC area is job opportunities. Networking amongst Ethiopians does not seem to be the main attraction of Washington for Debebe. His extra time is spent attending school, getting to know people who are not from Ethiopia and exercising. And he does not see himself staying in DC for a long time. He does not like the living and transportation in Washington, DC. He actually found them to be a bit of let down, based on his expectations of the US. Also, he mentioned that he would rather live somewhere like Virginia. Yet, the data does that not appear on the survey itself is that Debebe is clearly friends with other Ethiopians, such as Tezeta. So, I am going to try to dig deeper to learn more about Debebe. Right now, Debebe’s survey seems to contradict my hypothesis a great deal, and also some data that I have gathered from discussions with Tezeta.

The social networking aspect of living in DC does not seem to be particularly important to Debebe. He works and studies and participates in outside activities in ways that are not necessarily with other people of Ethiopian descent. Debebe did learn of DC after moving to the US, but he moved here for job opportunities that were not linked with the Ethiopian community in the sense that he found his job online with Also, Debebe’s opinion of the transportation system in DC that Tezeta as noted as an important aspect of her decision to live in the DC area, is that he is not particularly impressed with it. Yet, Tezeta merely enjoys the possibility of not having to deal with the necessity of owning a vehicle, while Debebe is merely not impressed with the transportation system, as opposed to not finding it adequate.

My solution is to clarify points in the survey and outside the survey through discussion with Tezeta and hopefully greater contact with Debebe. My greatest problem at the moment does not seem to be that Debebe contradicts my hypothesis, while Tezeta seems to support it; rather I am concerned that data pool is limited by having only two contacts. So, in addition to finding greater depth in the encounters with Debebe and Tezeta, I resolve to seek out more contacts.

My project continues to be a significantly more difficult that I expected it to be. So, I refuse to be intimidated by this. In the coming weeks, I am implementing a big push to gather more information. I have been too focused on gathering a depth of information from just a few people. I plan to distribute my survey more widely and try to conduct interviews more people despite having no previous connection. I am just going to have to approach strangers and be my own connection.


3 Responses to “Sven’s Third Post”

  1. oh sven. you and i are having issues because of the classical approach to this project we’ve taken.

    hm. that’s funny. the last post i responded to had to do with fighting against technology for the ol’ school methods. but yet….no one is interested in the ol’ school ways. what might that say?

    anyway. we’ll keep up with the boring issues of race and immigration and inequalities.


  2. Weinberg:"Nowadays I often hear arguments about whether the decision to concentrate on the LWR was correct. ,

  3. I can tell they are about to go to seed. ,

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