a little reminder from your friends


comment, please.

part of our goal with this project is engagement with what is being posted about online and thought about offline. visitors or writers, both are on a level playing field on our site. we have heard the line “only undergrads” enough to disbelieve it, so don’t be shy: none of us really knows what’s going on. but we should probably talk about…that.

and other things.

like how anthropology as a field is making an online leap but still maintaining its academic sense of superiority.

so really, we are asking you to mix it up, to mix us up, pour the ideas out and collectively see what happens.

this concludes our intermission, apathy will return shortly.

(a big THANK YOU for those of you who should ignore this plead. keep us blogging.)


3 Responses to “a little reminder from your friends”

  1. Hi, I’m a bit baffled by this project…I’ve clicked around but can’t seem to find my feet with it…(yeah, I really did just say that). What’s up? I’ve been doing some online ethnography lately, especially because cyberspace seems to be a place for people to gather when they have trouble finding others who share their interests in more conventional geographic spaces. Is this the sort of thing you mean? And can you give some examples of (my) academic sense of superiority? I sure don’t feel superior to the folks whose (virtual) communities I visit; in fact, I usually feel quite humbled. Am I just missing the whole point here?

  2. 2 Chelsea

    I find the whole concept of this blog to be fantastic. I have to say there are four very distinctive voices displayed amongst the blogs. Reading 1 in particular (ahem….) I can imagine the person saying it out loud to me rather than me being hundreds of miles away reading this on a computer.
    A large portion of my fascination lies not in the project itself, but in the area its meant to explore – anthropology. In my 4 years of college classes, I only took 1 anthro class in my final semester. Those of you around me might remember the fear I had after the first day’s discovery of what anthro really was. But at the end of the semester, I realized I had missed out an important area of education.
    I admit that I can see the academic superiority (at times almost bordering on snobbery) of the anthro area. It’s much different from the science (bio) background that I am more accustomed where when funds are low one might use duct tape in lieu of silicone sealant or spend days collecting samples while stomping through the muck of a bog. I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with this anymore. I had a point when i started, but now I appear to be rambling.

  3. 3 Anonymous

    i hope it’s not over!

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