ACTIVITY! (sort of.)


one of the first foundations taught in anthropology is that culture is not fixed, that it is as transient as the people who possess it and is freely manipulated to the extent that collective consciousness will allow. but what is often skimmed over and tossed around with cultural relativism is people’s desire to be fixed. to identify and solidify self in society seems to remain a major motivator within the grand u s o’a, and as the country’s ground becomes muddier and thicker, i believe people will only become more…uh..stuck.

why the sudden burst of nonsensical ideas? well i fell victim to one of the anthropological dangers a favorite professor once warned about the other night: drunkeness. the problem with drunken social analysts is that everything they say is bait and the people who know them generally swim on by with rolling eyes, but every so often you do get a big one. you know, the kind that you only wish you needed to lie about the size.

headlining the fight were personal preferences as to how to live life; do you seek that house and spouse or do you drift dangerously until you stub your toe long enough to look around and like what you see? specifics aside, it got me thinking about ‘the meaning of life’ yet again.

so we all want to be happy and have at least some grasp that our happiness is ‘unique’ to our own selves. but that’s all still boxed into….blah blah blah…worldview. so we have it, we try to acheive it, and then what? i mean, why even try to understand it, doesn’t all the criticism and climbing ultimately destroy whatever ‘it’ is that we as human beings seem to be after?

ah, time to be contradictory.

later in my apparently eventful weekend, i dumbly started in again and was met with the only argument that generates a substantial pause: why keep up the criticism if you, yourself have no solution. a pretty good roadblock, methinks.

well, we have all addressed this on here more than once, so i will try not to be repetitive. but what hit so deeply in this comment was that while everyone can preach, the change through critique comes so slow i think we most often bail. and why not, when that ‘it’ dangles delicately and infinitely out of reach. and ‘it’ is most necessarily selfish, shaming and radicalizing any hope that we as humans actually are social and actually do need and thrive off the prosperity of one another.

so then, i ask myself this question admist a time of noncommittal freedom and lame foot draggin’, do you change a people or do you change their culture?

and does freewill or the mob mentality allow for either?

here’s (i hope) to being a product of life, rather than trying to produce it.


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