Hi, People


now that we’ve all but bit the dust [hey Sven, when are you coming back from China, anyway?] it would be nice to say that we never think about this project any more because we’re big, bad Bachelors-holders, But! That’s simply untrue! I think about it all the time, and even though my interest in Hipster Party Photography has waned [probably from being subjected to it firsthand– ew. As my roomie says, ‘Dance Pretty!’ As If.] I still view my brief [though likely extended in the future, once I get the fortitude to go back to school] stint with Anthropology as something that really shaped my worldview lens. And? After being employed as an administrative office grunt in the Proverbial Ivory Tower and witnessing its various systems and interactions, I can say that I still hold a similar level of disdain for it. I wrote complained about it in my personal blog, if you care to read.


One Response to “Hi, People”

  1. 1 sven


    I’m back and still wondering what to do with my diploma. I have a feeling grunt work is in order for me as well.

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