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now that we’ve all but bit the dust [hey Sven, when are you coming back from China, anyway?] it would be nice to say that we never think about this project any more because we’re big, bad Bachelors-holders, But! That’s simply untrue! I think about it all the time, and even though my interest in […]


This is, in part, a response to Megan’s Morose June 7th Entry re: motivation. I assumed at one point that I really would miss School, after I graduated successfully and had settled into a mediocre routine of a day-time retail job and nightly feel-good hangouts with the friends that I neglected for the last two […]

As many of you are aware, this past weekend was Easter, and so for purposes of appeasement (appeasing my conscience mostly; I’m sure God has no tally on my church attendance- or lack thereof!) I attended services. Given my family-at-large’s current preclusion towards Orthodoxy, I went to the Pascha services at St. Sophia Greek Orthodox […]

  “Hip is a culture of the young because they have the least investment in the status quo.” -John Leland in Hip: The History

It’s easy enough to announce that I’m embarking on an “investigation”, if you will, of internet party photography. “Well, what kind of internet party photography do you mean?” is usually the first question people ask me. “Like, pictures of parties on Facebook?” I clarify: hipster internet party photography, specifically. Evoking the “hipster” adjective usually garners […]

My investigation interests started innocently enough. In a typical, late-night feat of procrastination, I recalled an article I had read in Jane magazine (an occasionally substantive women’s periodical, might I add?) recalling a young New Yorker’s death-by-drug-overdose and a brief analysis of the late teenager’s fueled-by-drugs social life. As it occurred, the young lady frequented […]