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  Ok, I’m going to hijack the blog. If anyone has an issue with this, I suggest posting.   Yet another personal story intro: Last week, a friend came to visit and had in tow a friend she had made while working at a summer camp these past few months. For days we talked about […]

one of the first foundations taught in anthropology is that culture is not fixed, that it is as transient as the people who possess it and is freely manipulated to the extent that collective consciousness will allow. but what is often skimmed over and tossed around with cultural relativism is people’s desire to be fixed. […]

tis a shame here. our blood and sweat is dead. perhaps it’s only our brains, that’s my secret wish. i want to rant, but for the first time in a long while, i gots nothing.  minorly depressing but mighty freeing…do you ever get motivation back? or is life just a long slide to total apathetical […]

comment, please. part of our goal with this project is engagement with what is being posted about online and thought about offline. visitors or writers, both are on a level playing field on our site. we have heard the line “only undergrads” enough to disbelieve it, so don’t be shy: none of us really knows […]

The Gun Game


I am so pained to feel inspired to write another post about death, but after Monday’s events…I feel resigned to do so. Thoughts and prayers to VA Tech’s campus will not heal the wounds, but there is little else we, collectively as a populace, can immediately do. Stunned, shocked, lost, scared, worried, troubled…enraged. You name […]

“Being so pitilessly prone toward the absolute, the ideal and knowing that lawyers and law courts are witnesses to the imperfect state of our civilization, temporizing adjusters of society’s ill-adjustment and yet whose occupation, largely viewed, though transient, tentative, unbeautiful, amid trouble and contention, is still noble in good offices and lavish of sacrifice in […]

Forgotten Faces


A full day of classes in your last semester can leave anyone a bit worn and emotionally edgy. ‘Twas my state as I exited the newest addition to campus, Katzen Arts Center. I was immediately struck by the exhibit on display in the foyer; the multimedias screamed with intriguing pain, the unnecessary title hidden from […]