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I have recently run into a young woman on American University’s quad, and she has offered to help me with my project. She overheard me discussing my project with another AU anthropology student, and she got excited at the word “Ethiopian”. In return, I got excited at her excitement. It turns out that she is […]

Forgotten Faces


A full day of classes in your last semester can leave anyone a bit worn and emotionally edgy. ‘Twas my state as I exited the newest addition to campus, Katzen Arts Center. I was immediately struck by the exhibit on display in the foyer; the multimedias screamed with intriguing pain, the unnecessary title hidden from […]

Since February 12, I have been in contact with my friend, Tezeta (a pseudonym, means “memory” in Amharic). She has been helping me as my primary contact with the Ethiopian community in the DC area. Yet, I try not to ask too much of her because she is very busy, and our friendship takes precedence […]

Fairly Just


I apologize for my first post straying significantly from my self-introduction. Since our project is somewhat of an experiment, it is necessary for each of us to address our feelings towards moving ideas into an online format. Just to be repetitive, I’ll push (and thank!) for responses. But now I will move into my area […]

Hi. My name is Megan. I suffer from what has been called “the plight of the white southerner.” This is not a modern-day white man’s burden but a fascination with inequalities and race. Not to mention, I’m a woman, not a man. It is safe to say that of the many urban issues raised in […]