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Meet Rahel


Rahel , a pseudonym, is a first generation Ethiopian-American. She views the expatriated Ethiopian community in the context of a huge social network. And, as a member of that community she understands many currents that run through the community. Most notably, Rahel agrees with my hypothesis that Ethiopians move to DC for the social networking […]

I have recently run into a young woman on American University’s quad, and she has offered to help me with my project. She overheard me discussing my project with another AU anthropology student, and she got excited at the word “Ethiopian”. In return, I got excited at her excitement. It turns out that she is […]

My survey has garnered one response. His pseudonym is Debebe, and he’s a 27 year old male. Most excitingly, he came to the US on the Diversity Visa Program. Tezeta is friends with this young man. He’s lived in the US for three years and one year in the DC area. The reason Debebe moved […]

Since February 12, I have been in contact with my friend, Tezeta (a pseudonym, means “memory” in Amharic). She has been helping me as my primary contact with the Ethiopian community in the DC area. Yet, I try not to ask too much of her because she is very busy, and our friendship takes precedence […]

I am Sven. I am here to attune my voice to be able to bring some voice to those who lack it. The Internet presently offers significant potential to give voice to many people, and I hope to train myself to use the Internet to bring light to overlooked perspectives. My investigation intends to understand […]