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As many of you are aware, this past weekend was Easter, and so for purposes of appeasement (appeasing my conscience mostly; I’m sure God has no tally on my church attendance- or lack thereof!) I attended services. Given my family-at-large’s current preclusion towards Orthodoxy, I went to the Pascha services at St. Sophia Greek Orthodox […]

“Being so pitilessly prone toward the absolute, the ideal and knowing that lawyers and law courts are witnesses to the imperfect state of our civilization, temporizing adjusters of society’s ill-adjustment and yet whose occupation, largely viewed, though transient, tentative, unbeautiful, amid trouble and contention, is still noble in good offices and lavish of sacrifice in […]

Fairly Just


I apologize for my first post straying significantly from my self-introduction. Since our project is somewhat of an experiment, it is necessary for each of us to address our feelings towards moving ideas into an online format. Just to be repetitive, I’ll push (and thank!) for responses. But now I will move into my area […]