I am a student of the web generation. Since, oh, I don’t know, around 1994, I’ve plugged in: there was some text-based, local Downeast Maine chatroom I was on in the 4th grade that my babysitter introduced to me. I’m not sure if my parents had any idea what the ‘Net was. By ’96 my best buddy and I were complaining about our 28.8k phone connection while coding self-taught HTML on Geocities and Tripod. Instant messenger, chat rooms, online games. For us, the Web was always about participation. Sure, the encyclopedic stuff, photos, et cetera were a huge draw, and still are, but back then in 1996 what we got really excited about was authoring. We were more interested in the form than the content back then.

Fast forward a short 10 years, and here I am, existing as I do a Netizen as much as a American. Or perhaps even more so, since I’ve been a much more critical thinker about the U.S.A. than the Internet. In other words, I bought into the hype that said the Internet was going to Change the World. This was obviously because I have been privileged enough to have full access, live from the first world.

For me, this project is about increasing my awareness about this potential – and limitations – of this crazy thing I have loved so much for so long. I shall investigate the Internet. Past, present, future. Throughout I will ask the question: is the Internet perpetuating inequality on earth or actually reducing the gap?

To reach me directly, e-mail me at sas {dot} crowe {at} gmail {dot} com. (Sorry for the obfuscation but I don’t want spammers getting a hold of this e-mail!)

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