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comment, please. part of our goal with this project is engagement with what is being posted about online and thought about offline. visitors or writers, both are on a level playing field on our site. we have heard the line “only undergrads” enough to disbelieve it, so don’t be shy: none of us really knows […]

Well it’s taken quite a bit to get our little blogworld going. Part of the problem has been the classic infectious disease known as senioritis. The other part has been what some would call the “ethics” of our project.   It is all too common to think oneself into a cyclical dark hole, one with […]

“Knowledge should be free.” What a naive statement, eh? Well you say potato, I say idealistic. The Open Access movement is about changing a 300-year legacy of academic journal publication. As bloggers we’d like to add to this movement. One effect of keeping the latest academic discoveries hidden from the general public in expensive journals […]